Learning Agreement Wwu Erasmus

As a student who is interested in studying abroad, the Erasmus program is an excellent opportunity to experience new cultures and broaden your academic horizons. If you`ve decided to participate in the Erasmus program through Western Washington University (WWU), there are some important steps you need to take to ensure your success. One of these steps is to sign a learning agreement.

A learning agreement is an essential document that outlines your academic goals and the courses you will take during your time at the host institution. It serves as a contract between you, Western Washington University, and the host institution, ensuring that your credits will transfer and that you will receive the appropriate academic recognition upon your return to WWU.

The learning agreement is a formal document that requires careful attention to detail. The agreement must be signed by you, your academic advisor, and the host institution`s academic advisor. It should list the courses you plan to take and the number of credits you will earn. It is important to ensure that the courses you select are compatible with your academic program at WWU and that they meet the necessary requirements.

Before you sign the learning agreement, it is important to carefully review the host institution`s course catalog to ensure that the courses you select are available during the semester you plan to study. You should also consult with your academic advisor to ensure that the courses you select will meet the requirements for your degree program.

Once your learning agreement has been signed, it is important to keep a copy for your records and to maintain regular contact with your academic advisor while you are studying abroad. If there are any changes to your course schedule or academic goals, you should inform both your academic advisor and the host institution`s academic advisor so that the necessary adjustments can be made.

In conclusion, the learning agreement is an important document that lays the foundation for a successful study abroad experience. It requires careful attention to detail and a collaborative effort between you, your academic advisor, and the host institution`s academic advisor. By carefully reviewing the course catalog, selecting compatible courses, and maintaining open communication, you can ensure that your Erasmus experience through WWU is a valuable and rewarding one.